Blogging Evangelism Advice From Guy Kawasaki

April 29th, 2007   •   7 comments   
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Well-known blogger, marketer and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki, gives tips on how to write a great blog and discusses how he became ranked as blogger number 24 on Technorati. Speaking from his home in California, he meets with Marketing Voices’s Jennifer Jones and notes that he spends 2-3 hours a day blogging. He also goads Robert Scoble (he’s now ranked above Scoble on Technorati). Although he doesn’t actually read any blogs, he says he uses his RSS feed religiously to capture unique blogger fodder.

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  1. […] Just in case you’ve not seen Jennifer Jones’ interview with Guy Kawasaki, here it is. Guy shares his thoughts on what makes a great blog and what he’s trying to achieve with his own blogging efforts. […]

  2. ScottPot says:

    How To Change The World With The Guy Kawasaki Golden Touch…

    Thanks to Tony (SiteProPlus) over at BlogCatalog, I was notified of a great video regarding some key blog tips from the all mighty evangelist, Guy Kawasaki. Take it from me, this is one Guy that you should definitely give a shiitake about. Guy is an …

  3. » Guy Kawasaki’s Advice on Blogging | Blogging 101 for small businesses says:

    […] Guy Kawasaki recently shared his thoughts on blogging with Jennifer Jones. In it, he describes his 3 categories that blogs fit into: ranting and raving blogs, essayist blogs, news blogs. He also encourage bloggers to think of writing a blog as you might write a chapter of a book. Have a beginning and an end and think about packaging content rather than talking about how you felt when you got up this morning. Take a look. […]

  4. Blog: Vorsicht - Persönlichkeitsentwicklung! » Für Existenzgründer: unbezahlbare Tipps - gratis! says:

    […] Apropos Blog. Auch da kennt sich Guy Kawasaki sehr gut aus. Wenn Sie wissen wollen, wie er es geschafft hat, einer der Nummer-1-Blogger zu werden (mit einem Technorati-Rank von 24), kann auf diesem Video ein Interview mit ihm zu diesem Thema anschauen. […]

  5. […] have a Jungian/Guy Kawasaki plate o’ shrimp patent moment. Just yesterday, I ran across this video of Guy. The video is ostensibly on blogging, but Guy cannot help but throw in a word or two about […]

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