How Marketers are Using Facebook: New Study by Marketing Profs Director of Research Tim McAtee – Part 2

February 12th, 2010   •   1 comment   
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Facebook takes the work of navigating the web out of the hands of the user and that’s one reason why it is having success with marketers says Tim McAtee, Director of research for Marketing Profs. Facebook is seeing enormous usage by corporate marketers and yet it’s truly still the early days of sophisticated use says McAtee. Marketers are mainly using Facebook to drive traffic to get to their corporate websites. For B2C marketers, Facebook is a more effective tool than for B2B marketers. To find out more about the study go to

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One comment

  1. Seriously. From what your theory suggests, it follows the same model as the biggest failure in the history of the internet–AOL. They were saving people from “navigating the internet” too, and all the people building the internet outside of AOL turned them into the same laughingstock Facebook is quickly becoming.
    If you want to write a cutting edge paper on something, first get a job in advertising/interactive (I write for the largest one if you need a reference); then if you make it past the first week, you will soon realize that Facebook is so filled with garbage that even AOL in its heyday was better. It had free classifieds (i.e. craigslist), free love connections (like Plenty of Fish), and began the phenemenon of instant messaging, inadverdantly turning us all into a bunch of Twits.

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