WIKI WISDOM: Tips from a Social Media Maven

September 25th, 2006   •   no comments   

Giovanni Rodriquez formerly the most senior social media guru of Eastwick Communication is out on his own now and offers great tips on how to use a WIKI for corporate marketing. Jennifer and Giovanni discuss best practices in WIKIS for PR firms and how to keep WIKI vandalism at a minimum.

Mobile Marketing: Blogging at DotMobi

September 17th, 2006   •   1 comment   

dotMobi is dedicated to delivering the Internet to mobile phones. Google is one of their investors and they are viewed as a company to watch. CEO Neil Edwards and Jennifer Jones discussed how dotMobi is using blogging to educate customers and developers and is an incredibly effective marketing tool.

Building Humans, Cell to Organ

September 15th, 2006   •   no comments   

Tengion is a leader in the field of regenerative medicine, developing new human tissues and organs derived from a patient’s own cells. Tengion’s patented technology has the potential to allow adults and children with organ failure to have functioning organs built from their own tissues. At the Dow Jones Venture Wire Health Care Innovations conference, PodTech’s Jennifer Jones talks with CEO Steven Nichtberger about how his company is planning to save lives through these scientific advances.

Health Care VC Waiting for Stem Cell Market to Grow

September 14th, 2006   •   no comments   

Despite President Bush’s veto of the embryonic stem cell bill almost two months ago, many venture capitalists consider the stem cell market to be viable… though just not yet for some investors. When and why will a venture capitalist invest in a stem cell company? How does the venture industry view the stem cell controversy? Jennifer Jones of talks with Dr. Edgar Engleman, managing partner of Vivo Ventures, and probes their investment strategy and perspective today.

Setting Up The Blog: Insights from Six Apart

September 14th, 2006   •   2 comments   

The benefits of blogging are evident to marketing professionals but how to set up the blog can seem foggy to many. Michael Sippey, General Manager TypePad for Six Apart the premier blogging service for professionals and small business explains how blogs are constructed.

Michael Sippey has been publishing online since 1995, when he launched “Stating the Obvious,” a then-weekly site of essays on Internet technology, business, and culture. He gives tons of tips to Marketing Voices host Jennifer Jones.

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Venture Capital Insights on Health Care Financing

September 13th, 2006   •   no comments   

Getting money for a Series B round in health care deals results in a “down round” at least 50 percent of the time. Ralph (Chris) Christoffersen, a general partner at Morgenthaler Ventures, tells PodTech’s Jennifer Jones how his firm helps CEOs manage through the process of getting financed in the current market environment.

The King of Blogging Speaks

September 4th, 2006   •   5 comments   

Now with PodTech as Vice President of Media Development, Robert Scoble entertains listeners with his insightful stories and perspective on blogging today. Delving into the world of corporate blogging, Scoble explains why companies should start blogging, and what its benefits are.

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