Blogging Editor for Best Daily Newspaper on Web speaks to the Guardian’s success

November 26th, 2006   •   no comments   

Kevin Anderson is the blogging editor for Guardian Unlimited. He tells Jennifer Jones how “interactivity trumps celebrity” when trying to build a blog. It’s more important to write and build community, says Anderson, who calls the Guardian the most forward-thinking newspaper in the world. The traditional media have already changed as a result of blogging. Anderson is a great person to talk to about where it’s going next.

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Inside Engadget: Insights Into the Popular Web Magazine

November 20th, 2006   •   no comments   

Peter Rojas, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Engadget tells Jennifer Jones all about his publication — why he started it, what makes it unique in the blogosphere and what the best way is to contact him and his reporters. Engadget offers obsessive daily coverage of everything new in gadgets and consumer electronics.

Venture Capitalist’s Success Using Social Media

November 12th, 2006   •   1 comment   

Pascal Levensohn, founder and managing director of Levensohn Venture Partners, discusses with Jennifer Jones how his firm uses blogging and podcasting to educate its audiences. Blogging at since January 2005, Pascal finds that he has built deeper, stronger relationships with entrepreneurs given the blog’s unusual focus. The firm recently launched a podcasting series called VC-InsideOut that delves into current issues relating to entrepreneurs starting new businesses and corporate governance best practices for venture backed companies. The podcasting series is receiving praise from the VC community. Much of what LVP is doing with social media is applicable to every professional services firm.

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Anytime, Anywhere Perspective from Neilsen Analytics Larry Gerbrandt, General Manager and Senior VP

November 7th, 2006   •   no comments   

Understanding what consumers are doing with new media is instrumental. Speaking together at the Dow Jones VentureWire Consumer Technology Ventures Conference, Larry Gerbrandt tells PodTech’s Jennifer Jones about iPod research that will move the needle for executives assessing podcasts.

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Yahoo: Marco Boerries, SVP, Connected Life

November 7th, 2006   •   no comments   

Yahoo is making headway by being bold and thinking young. Jennifer Jones of PodTech interviews Marco Boerries at the Dow Jones Venture Wire Consumer Technology Ventures Conference about Yahoo’s strategies for connecting users whether they are on the road, at home or at work.

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Social Media Brand Intelligence

November 6th, 2006   •   3 comments   

Bradley Silver, CEO of BrandIntel, the leader in analyzing consumer published content to advance decision making for brands, talks with Jennifer Jones about the ways corporations can determine the content of social media conversations. Looking back at what was said is important for benchmarking future success says Silver.

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