Multiply Yourself On Times Square

December 24th, 2006   •   no comments   

Thom Campbell, Intel’s senior media manager, sought pictures for the company’s multiply promotion, which ended on New Year’s Eve. This national promotion allowed users to upload their photos and then see their pictures on the NASDAQ OR Rueters Times Square boards. The promotion winners received a new Gateway computer featuring an Intel Core 2 Duo chip inside. Campbell and Jones talk about the promotion rules and marketing strategy used for the campaign.

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Small is the New Big: Seth Godin Speaks

December 17th, 2006   •   5 comments   

You can’t buy attention. And if you want to be big, you first must think small. Those are some of the beliefs held by marketing guru Seth Godin. He helped to illuminate and define the power of the individual in business and society. Thinking small may be the single biggest shift in marketing today, and impressing four people (not four thousand) is how the best companies practice their craft. For many reasons, Godin believes that marketers now have the greatest moment of opportunity since the invention of the television, but taking advantage of the moment requires courage.

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Marketing Voices: Nielsen Buzzmetrics’ Pete Blackshaw

December 10th, 2006   •   no comments   

Given the Marketing Voices community requests, metrics for consumer-generated media and listening centered marketing are the core of my conversation with CMO of Nielsen Buzzmetrics, Peter Blackshaw. Metrics is the key challenge for all PodTech client companies, and especially for podcasting. Pete and I also talk about how the companies that will be successful are the ones developing both offensive and defensive radar for their customers. Nielsen is the leader in global measurement and it’s on the cutting edge of new ideas where they are establishing frameworks to give to marketers. Nielsen is just beginning to rank video, which is really in its infancy. Podcasting metrics are also elusive for them according to Pete, but they are working on it. Nielsen Buzzmetrics is the firm that helps companies promote and protect their brands through the measurement, analysis, and interpretation of CGM – or online word of mouth – across forums, message boards, social networking sites, direct company feedback, online communities and blogs.

Besides being CMO of Nielsen, Pete is a co-founder of the 2004 Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA). He is definitely one of the leaders of CGM marketing today and we’re very excited to get him on MVOICES again.

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Good Search Strategies from Bob Heyman of Mediasmith

December 3rd, 2006   •   no comments   

Lots of provocative thoughts from a search engine guru in this conversation with Bob Heyman, also a well known speaker on Internet marketing and the chief search officer at Mediasmith. He’s also credited with pioneering the agency side of search engine marketing. That’s pretty impressive, considering how search has taken over as THE place where people go first to get information on something.

Heyman believes that search is the most effective direct marketing medium ever devised. We discuss how search is now in the domain of the webmaster more than the CMO and he brings up some very relevant points as to why this should change.

A few lesser-known facts about Heyman: he is a Harvard grad with a law degree and a founding review editor of Comm/Ent, the communications and entertainment law journal. He co-wrote a rock opera called Rock Justice with Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane/Starship. He was also an entertainment lawyer, represented Maria Muldaur (I assume many of the MVoices readers know her?) and Jefferson Starship and New Riders of the Purple Sage. I am sure I am showing my age here but Jefferson Starship was one of my most favorite groups. This is NOT how I came to find Heyman, but these facts sure make for great interview fodder.

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