Building a Corporate Culture for Social Media

January 28th, 2007   •   5 comments   

The best company cultures that work for social media are just like people who embrace conversations and two-way interactions — they are open, trusting and talkative. Jennifer McClure, executive director of the Society for New Communications Research talks to Marketing Voices host Jennifer Jones about corporations like IBM that embrace the idea of blogging employees (more than 25,000 IBM bloggers attest to this) and are willing to talk directly with their customers and employees. McClure also discusses how she would assess a company’s readiness for social media. Fear used to reign in corporate cultures, but McClure sees fear waning, as trust becomes more prevalent in Fortune 500 environments.

Trade Mags See Future Online, Not In Print

January 21st, 2007   •   no comments   

Gear Live CEO Andru Edwards doesn’t just believe that tech trade magazines will move from the print medium to an entirely-online presence — he’s seeing it happen already. His magazine has more than 500,000 unique viwers each month, and along with some of its competing publications, it’s rapidly replacing the traditional technology trade magazines in its market. Print journalism may not be over, but trade journalism is being seriously revamped, thanks in large part to blogging. The role of the online trade magazine, at least at Gear Live, represents a lot of what has already changed. Andru has some fresh ideas for PR folks who have a story to pitch, and a fresh way to pitch it too — he freely gives out his phone number. Want it? Try: (206) 330-2211, and tell him Jennifer Jones sent you.

On Social Media: Marketing Wizard Guy Kawasaki

January 14th, 2007   •   7 comments   

Guy Kawasaki, blogger, author of 8 books, venture capitalist and former Apple marketing executive, believes CMOs today should “just quit” if they are working with CEOs who don’t get social media. Talking from his home in Silicon Valley, Guy explains what is important about social media, how he plans to monetize his blog and his plans for his next book.

How to Implement a Corporate Social Media Strategy

January 7th, 2007   •   4 comments   

PodTech’s own Jeremiah Owyang, director of corporate media strategy, knows how to harness user needs, business goals and web technology to craft web programs. Talking with Jennifer Jones about his strategies for media implementation, Owyang explains how listening to the blogosphere, participating in the conversations, and building a community are instrumental to success. Jones and Owyang also answer questions from bloggers on the importance of establishing credibility using social media, news aggregation sites and whether blogs will ever become as ubiquitous as Google.

Marketing Guru Regis McKenna On the Power of Social Media

January 1st, 2007   •   2 comments   

Marketers are still doing marketing like they were 15 years ago and it is time to adopt social media in a big way and learn the tools says renowned marketer Regis Mckenna. Access is replacing broadcast and people want to connect to each other and this is true in every corporate and personal environment. People have to listen to each other to participate. Many corporations are too set in their ways today says McKenna and they will change or slowly become irrelevant. Pulling thoughts from his own research, McKenna describes how radio and TV went through much of the same technology adoption process. Social media is a natural outcome of what we have seen progressing over the last ten years. Marketers must adopt and adapt says McKenna.