Blogging Evangelism Advice From Guy Kawasaki

April 29th, 2007   •   7 comments   

Well-known blogger, marketer and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki, gives tips on how to write a great blog and discusses how he became ranked as blogger number 24 on Technorati. Speaking from his home in California, he meets with Marketing Voices’s Jennifer Jones and notes that he spends 2-3 hours a day blogging. He also goads Robert Scoble (he’s now ranked above Scoble on Technorati). Although he doesn’t actually read any blogs, he says he uses his RSS feed religiously to capture unique blogger fodder.

Websites and Social Media: Marketing Voices Special Edition from AdTech

April 27th, 2007   •   2 comments   

The President of the Web Marketing Association, Bill Rice believes that using social media on Website should be a “no brainer.” But in many industries like financial services, social media is tough to sell. In an interview at the AdTech conference, Rice tells Marketing Voices’s Jennifer Jones about how using social media works well on a site, and all about the Website awards (whose deadline, by the way, is May 31, 2007).

Market Guru Believes SAAS is Strategic Weapon for Companies

April 24th, 2007   •   no comments   

Mike Mankowski, vice president and senior analyst for Tier 1 Research, believes SAAS is the future for companies who want to implement more efficient, cost effective software solutions. Defining what SAAS is and what the future trends are, Mankowski talks to Jennifer Jones at SAAScon, the California software-as-a-services conference. This is a Verizon Business podcast.

Going Global with SAAS and Plateau

April 23rd, 2007   •   no comments   

Shelly Heiden, executive vice president for Plateau Systems, a leading provider of software for developing, managing, rewarding and optimizing organizational skills and talent, chats with PodTech’s Jennifer Jones about the many benefits of software as a service. At a recent Silicon Valley conference called SAASCON, Heiden discussed their partnership with Verizon, a client of PodTech’s, and how this partnership allows Plateau to go global more efficiently and completely than they could have ever dreamed.

Social Media Programs in a Professional Services World

April 22nd, 2007   •   no comments   

BearingPoint, one of the world’s largest management consultinga firms, is implementing social media programs that are working well. Paul Dunay, their director of global marketing discusses just what challenges BearingPoint faced and how and what they decided to implement at the company. Dunay is a leader and innovator at integrated marketing programs that deliver cost-effective and profitable results and he has won numerous marketing awards.

Social Networking is Like Air Says Market Guru Charlene Li

April 15th, 2007   •   4 comments   

Forrester Research’s Vice President and Principal Analyst Charlene Li believes that social networking is becoming so important that it is like air, it is everywhere. In a videopodcast with Marketing Voices, Jennifer Jones, Li says that companies who don’t embrace social networking will lose their competitive edge. Li describes how GM is a leader in social media and how Google and Apple fit into the social media environment. Li also talks to Jones about her upcoming book, Groundswell.

Intel’s Ken Kaplan Tells How Storytelling Impacts Social Media

April 8th, 2007   •   1 comment   

Ken Kaplan, broadcast and new media manager for Intel‘s Global Communications Group, believes storytelling is instrumental to Intel’s social media success. People’s passion for what they know and do gets illustrated through Intel’s podcasts, videopodcasts and blogs. Kaplan describes how their stories are getting more efficient, effective and targeted with the use of social media.

Gabe Rivera: Founder of Techmeme

April 1st, 2007   •   3 comments   

Techmeme Founder Gabe Rivera is considered one of the Web’s top fifty most important people. He speaks with Marketing Voices about how Techmeme harnesses the blogosphere to connect users with the biggest stories of the moment. Known as the “go-to” place for technology news, Rivera talks about his role as founder, and what he believes are the sites greatest assets.