Video’s Importance in Marketing

May 27th, 2007   •   3 comments   

Darren Aftahi, vice president of Equity Research at ThinkEquity Partners, believes video’s use today is just in its infancy, and that the impact for marketers is unlimited. He says the Internet will become the broadcast market of choice, and text search will turn into video search. If he’s right, and video is more viral than audio, then marketers will need to understand its power.

What’s All This Twittering About?

May 20th, 2007   •   5 comments   

Biz Stone, Co-Founder of Twitter talks about the social networking and micro-blogging service’s runaway success, and how marketers can leverage this new tool. Speaking to Jennifer Jones, Biz describes how people are using Twitter, and answers Marketing Voices viewers’ questions concerning privacy, monetization and the cats.

Prolific Milpitas High Teen Jasmine Ta and Her Social Media Use

May 14th, 2007   •   no comments   

Jasmine Ta, senior at Milpitas High near San Jose, Calif., is a videopodcaster, podcaster, online journalist and community group participant. Ta talks to MarketingVoices Jennifer Jones about how and why she uses social media and what advertisers can do to reach her generation. She believes more graphic videos work for boys, and discusses when she reads on-line versus print media.

New Methods for Press Release Distribution: Special Edition From AdTech

May 7th, 2007   •   1 comment   

Online press release distribution — it’s the new world of information dissemination. Getting search engine optimization in a press release is valuable to marketers. Joe Beaulaurier, of PRWeb, was at AdTech to talk about how PRWeb connects podcasts to press releases, which means greater pickup of the information by bloggers and others.

Ranking on Page One of Google: It’s all about Search Engine Optimization

May 3rd, 2007   •   1 comment   

Bruce Clay, a leading search engine optimization expert, speaks with Marketing Voices about how important it is for a business to be on the first page of Google. There are secrets to getting on that first page. It is all about a site being written properly and using key words effectively. Sites today have to be optimized or they won’t be found.