Ustream Live Interactive Video Provides Marketers New Global Broadcast

June 25th, 2007   •   3 comments   

Chris Yeh, CEO of USTREAM, tells Marketing Voices’ Jennifer Jones how marketers can reach new audiences with live video. Deeper branding occurs with the ability to interact with live TV for a greater level of engagement. Here, Yeh exclusively announces a new contest USTREAM has with Warner Brother records.

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The Use of Social Media in the Political Realm

June 18th, 2007   •   2 comments   

Politics will lead the way in new marketing techniques, according to Peter Leyden, director of the New Politics Institute. Leyden, who used to be the editor for WIRED Magazine, is now with a think tank for politics funded by prominent venture capitalists. The use of social media will help decide the outcome of the election and will drive how social media will be used by corporations and other entities, Leyden believes. Jennifer Jones and Leyden discuss the techniques that will change the way politicos campaign.

Truemor Co-Founder Guy Kawasaki Addresses Criticisms About The New Startup

June 11th, 2007   •   3 comments   

Criticisms are being made by bloggers on Guy Kawasaki’s newest venture, Truemors. Kawasaki candidly addresses these challenges in this latest post on Marketing Voices. Kawasaki launched Truemors on approximately a $12,000 budget. Jones also prods Kawasaki to talk about how he is handling the negative fallout from his previous Marketing Voices podcast on evangelizing a blog where his admission to not reading other’s blogs was perceived as arrogance.

The Meet-Up of Old and New Media: Mochila CEO Speaks Out

June 3rd, 2007   •   1 comment   

Keith McAllister, former executive vice president of CNN, discusses how the news media is being impacted by the blogging community. His thoughtful perspective offers suggestions for how his company MOCHILA, a professional media marketplace for feature content can help old media and new media work better together.