Intel’s Online Strategist’s Insights Into Community Building

August 26th, 2007   •   no comments   

Bob Duffy, Intel’s Online Community Strategist reveals the ins and outs of launching Intel’s community site for the IT audience. He talks to Jennifer Jones and tells her how he worked the idea throughout the organization, sharing strategies he used to launch the initiative. For more information, check out:

RSS: Making It Work Best For Marketers

August 19th, 2007   •   3 comments   

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is today’s simplest marketing and publishing tool allowing content to get distributed fast and efficiently.

Robyn Tippins, Yahoo’s community manager for MyBlogLog tells Jennifer Jones just how to make RSS work best.

Putting it on the top right hand side of a Website and following the leads of companies like Apple, IBM, NetFlix and the History Channel is the smartest strategy, says Tippins. Tippins has been a social media expert since 1993 and her work has appeared all over the Web.

The Deal’s Convergence 2.0 Conference Draws Telecom, Technology and Media Luminaries

August 16th, 2007   •   1 comment   

Convergence 2.0, The Deal’s September 17, 2007 conference being held in New York City is looking like a sell-out event. Richard Morgan, Assistant Managing Editor of The Deal, talks with Jennifer Jones about the gathering of private equity, venture capital and corporate executives who will hear about the opportunities in the telecom, tech and media sectors. Keynotes by Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Chairman and CEO of the Warner Music Group and Michael Fricklas, EVP and General Counsel of Viacom will undoubtedly spark enthusiastic discussion and audience participation.

How Social Media Is Affecting Global Event Marketing

August 13th, 2007   •   2 comments   

Event Marketing is a powerful way to build a global brand. But how is social media impacting the use of events? Vicki Lynn, President of Satellite Event Enterprises, a global multi-media production company tells Marketing Voices that marketers have to be willing to take risks with new tools. Lynn describes some of her biggest successes using social media.

Politics and Social Media: Insights for Marketers

August 5th, 2007   •   1 comment   

Given the recent Democratic debate and John Edwards’s decision to use USTREAM to talk to his supporters, marketers should be paying more attention to how politicians are adopting social media, creating new avenues for conversation. Michael Cornfield, adjunct professor of Political Management at George Washington University and a leading expert on politics and social media and an and author of two books on online campaigning, speaks with Jennifer Jones about the latest innovative uses of these new tools.