The Latest Measurement Tips for Social Media

February 24th, 2008   •   no comments   

Influence, impact, engagement. How should marketing executives be thinking about measurement today? Margaret Coles, COO of Factor TG, a marketing measurement and accountability company, says marketers have to start with their target audiences and decide what tools to use based on who they are. Coles tells Marketing Voices listeners to start by deciding to measure something now and just get started.

Digg Campaign with Federated Media Breaks New Ground for Intel

February 17th, 2008   •   no comments   

Digg is an incredible place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. David Veneski, Digital Campaign Manager for Intel, talks about a campaign they did with Digg that helped consumers truly understand Intel technology. Intel worked with Federated Media to make this marketing sponsorship happen. It was the first time any company has created such an activity on Digg and Veneski tells Marketing Voices how successful it was.

Inside The Elf Yourself Marketing Campaign Success

February 10th, 2008   •   no comments   

Office Max’s Elf Yourself marketing campaign attracted 193 million visitors and was the best viral campaign in the history of the Web. More than 123 million “elves” were created in just SIX weeks (you’ll find many pictures of them on Flickr, where users submitted them for all to see). Bob Thacker is senior vice president of marketing and advertising at Office Max. He joined Jennifer Jones to discusse his brand engagement strategies and the costs for the campaign.

The Future of Social Media Product Applications From MOTO DEVELOPMENT GROUP

February 3rd, 2008   •   no comments   

Daniell Hebert, CEO of Moto Development Group joins Jennifer Jones at PodTech’s CES Bloghaus to talk about the future of social media applications. Moto develops products, then manages their work through manufacturing. Hebert explains what his explorations at CES provide in terms of a look through the crystal ball of social media.