Using Design to Increase Customer Experience On The Web

April 28th, 2008   •   1 comment   

Marketers are looking for a way to make the customer’s online experience better. Kerry Bodine, principal analyst of Forrester gets just how to do that. She explores how user-centered design processes, design-centric corporate cultures, and organizational structure contribute to the creation and sustainability of superior customer experiences. Marketing Voices spoke to Kerry at the Forrester Marketing Forum in early April about her perspective.

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Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff: Forrester VPs Launch Groundswell, the Book

April 24th, 2008   •   2 comments   

Groundswell guides companies to a winning perspective on social media and marketing. The co-authors Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff spoke with Marketing Voices about some of the companies they think are getting it right. (It’s worth hearing what they have to say about Ernst & Young, for example.).

What To Do If You Get Negative Online Attacks

April 20th, 2008   •   1 comment   

Most of the time online interaction goes well for companies. Transparency is becoming more accepted and problems are rare. But what does a company or person do if they are attacked? Marketing Voices talks to Denise Shiffman, author of The Age of Engage and founder of Venture Essentials about what a company’s strategy should be if negative attacks happen.

An Agency’s Perspective In Working Social Media Strategies

April 17th, 2008   •   no comments   

Adam Metz, partner with theMIX, a firm that blends social Web strategy, business development and PR spoke to Marketing Voices when he was still with LaunchSquad. They talked about how to most effectively assess a company’s “social media position” and what tools are being used most frequently in his client’s work today. See his blog at

Nike’s Jordan Brand Uses Social Marketing Strategies To Build Consumer Loyalty

April 14th, 2008   •   2 comments   

Emmanuel Brown knows how to engage his customers. As director for digital and content for Nike’s Jordan brand, he knows his customers inside-and-out and has been widely successful launching innovative, digitally-driven programs such as Jordan Breakfast Club. Talking to him at the Forrester Marketing Forum in Los Angeles, Jennifer Jones hears how he implemented these programs.

How Social Media is Impacting the Corporate Marketing and PR Functions

April 7th, 2008   •   3 comments   

There are no established practices for setting up social media within most corporations. Those are the findings of Comrade Managing Partner Thelton McMillian in an exclusive study conducted for Marketing Voices. In this podcast, McMillian speaks with Jennifer Jones about the study, which is based on conversations with corporate marketing professionals, and found also that the public relations role is most likely to best understand the viral aspects of social media.

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