Social Influence Marketing: All About Your Peers

June 30th, 2008   •   1 comment   

Who is in your social circle? What influence do they have on you and what you purchase? Shiv Singh, VP of Social Media at Avenue A Razorfish thinks your peers have enormous influence on what you do and what you buy. Talking to Jennifer Jones, Shiv delves into how marketers should best use peer influence to their advantage and where he has seen peer influencers have the greatest impact.

Social Marketing Skill Set: How to Find and Package People

June 23rd, 2008   •   2 comments   

The digital marketplace is changing the skill set of marketers. Having knowledgeable people who “get social marketing and media” is key to success. But how does a person find the right people? Marketing Voices Jennifer Jones spoke to Matt Raggio, Managing Partner at Oak Technology Partners about what this prominent executive search recruiter recommends. His tips: Be well rounded, learn the new skills and don’t be afraid to promote yourself.

TubeMogul: A Single Point For Uploading Video on the Web

June 13th, 2008   •   1 comment   

Given the tons of videos that are online now, how does a marketer get video distributed? Enter Tubemogul, a free service that provides some one a place to upload video and track it. Jennifer Jones spoke to Mark Rotblat, VP of Sales and Marketing for tubemogul, and learned how anyone who wants to get an audience with a super distribution strategy can get viewers with this free service.

Paula Drum and Social Media Programs Success

June 9th, 2008   •   11 comments   

Who would ever think that a financial services company would be innovative about marketing? Paula Drum is vice president of marketing for H&R Block. In this podcast, she explains how programs using Twitter, Second Life and other onlines venues have had impressive success. As Drum tells Jennifer Jones, one of their great surprises was how much human capital they had to spend to make the programs work. She advises all marketers to truly understand just how much personnel commitment it takes to implement such extensive programs. Cool Service For Hosting Video, a Delight for Marketers

June 2nd, 2008   •   no comments   

If you have not heard or seen yet, go check it out. It’s a free service for creators of user-generated content and it works well. In this podcast, Jennifer Jones speaks with Dina Kaplan, co-founder of, to learn how serialized video shows for the Web are making it big. handles everything so content creators can focus on what they do best: creating content. Hundreds of video shows are getting traction on the Web because of