Influence Strategy: Social Media And Playmaking

September 29th, 2008   •   1 comment   

There’s new science in the art of strategy and communication. Social media is a tool of strategic communications – a tool that can help impact influence. Trying to put this all together is exactly what Alan Kelly, CEO and Founder of The Playmaker’s Standard has done. He developed a periodic table that names, describes and prescribes influence plays. He talks to Jennifer Jones about this system, and how it can help communicators and business strategists better impact their communications especially those in the social media world.

One-Stop Shop for Corporate Social Media: KickApps Insights

September 15th, 2008   •   2 comments   

Figuring out what is a best social media strategy for a corporation is now easier with KickApps. The company provides on-demand social media, online video and widgets applications to grow online audiences. Marketing Voices talked to Michael Chin, Senior VP of Marketing for KickApps and learns how to best use Facebook as part of a corporate social media strategy.

Venture Capital and Social Media: Spencer Tall and Allegis Capital

September 8th, 2008   •   2 comments   

Everyone wants to know what venture capitalists are investing in and why in the social media space. Spencer Tall, Managing Director of Allegis Capital tells Jennifer Jones just what it takes for a company to make the grade and why. Tall and Jones talk about the ebb and flow of a deal and the process of evaluating a deal that can make returns of 5x or more.

Community Spirit – Building Sites in the World of the Corporate Enterprise

September 1st, 2008   •   1 comment   

Building community sites today are part of a corporate trend that Dean Wiltse, Chairman and CEO of Vovici says is just beginning. All enterprises large and small are recognizing the need for a community site, and Vovici is a company who can help them decide what works best. Wiltse tells Marketing Voices that the best strategy for building a site is to focus on the objectives. Too many companies, Wiltse believes jump in without a strategy and not knowing why they are building the site in the first place. Wiltse also discusses the criteria for building a good community.