2009 Brings Major Focus to Interactive Marketing Strategies, Believes Organic EVP

December 29th, 2008   •   3 comments   

Adam Turinas, EVP of Organic, a digital ad agency, says that interactive marketing is the only bright spot in the economy of advertising today. Turinas talks to Jennifer Jones about how CMOs should be evaluating their budgets for 2009. Turinas says that the majority of a marketing budget today should go to digital.

Pete Blackshaw Of Nielsen Online Gives Predictions For 2009

December 17th, 2008   •   no comments   

What will 2009 bring? Pete Blackshaw of Nielsen Online and a recent author, and a social media guru, tells Jennifer Jones that people in 2009 will experience social media indigestion. They will need a break to absorb all that has happened in social media since 2004. Blackshaw mentions that Wikipedia will become a huge site for viewing brands. Blackshaw also talks about the trends in a recent release of an article in Ad Age.