Venture Investing Today: What’s Working and What’s Not: Pascal Levensohn, Founder LEVP

March 30th, 2009   •   no comments   

As an investor in early stage companies, Pascal Levensohn, founder LEVP, is looking hard at doing new deals today in spite of the recession. Levensohn tells Marketing Voices what an entrepreneur needs to do to get a VC’s attention.

The New Management Practices For 2009: Social Citizenship Is Mandatory Says Forrester VP Bruce Temkin

March 23rd, 2009   •   no comments   

Since 1999, the world has seen incredible social, technological and economic challenges. However, not much has changed in management practices during this time says Bruce Temkin, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. Temkin tells Marketing Voices about his 6 new management imperatives and one of them focuses on the practice of good social citizenship. Temkin also believes that investing in a corporate culture is an asset no company can ignore today.

The Do’s And Don’t’s Of Using Web Video To Build Your Brand: Ceo Of Fliqz

March 16th, 2009   •   2 comments   

In these recessionary times, marketers are looking for ways to get brand connection but not spend lots of money doing it. Fliqz, offers a plug and play video solution and is a good company to check out. Benjamin Wayne the CEO and I discussed how video is the third form of media and marketers need to understand how to use it. Short is best: no more than 90 seconds due to attention span and interest. Some statistics: The Nielsen Company says that TV, internet and mobile use is increasing and online, TV and mobile viewing for the average American is 154 hours a month!

Scout Labs Introduces New “Listening” Product: Affordable for Small Businesses

March 9th, 2009   •   no comments   

For $250 month for monitoring 25 communications, Scout Labs now has a SAAS product for anyone who wants to listen to their brand online. Marketing Voices spoke to Jenny Zeszut, CEO of Scout Labs to hear how customers like Stub Hub and Netflix are helping their brand positions. The product analyzes text and language, and allows for “sentiment detection” — learning what is positive and negative about a certain brand today.

Zuberance: Turning Brand Advocates Into A Virtual Salesforce

March 2nd, 2009   •   2 comments   

Rob Fuggetta, CEO of Zuberance tells Marketing Voices how their on-demand software identifies a company’s brand advocates and turns them into an amazing virtual sales force. CMOs should learn about this product that is priced like the annual fees a public relations agency charges.