Word of Mouth Marketing Expert: Andy Sernovitz: Best Selling Author and Blogger

July 27th, 2009   •   4 comments   

I met Andy Sernovitz on my USS Nimitz Trip and I was so impressed with his thoughts on word of mouth marketing. He is truly a WOM expert. This podcast talks about the four most relevant points for WOM: be interesting, make people happy, make it easy and earn trust. Andy talked to me on the show about how he does this for big brands. Find his book on Amazon, or check out his blog: Damn I wish I’d Thought of that.

Jeremiah Owyang’s 3 Top Tips for Marketers Today

July 23rd, 2009   •   1 comment   

Forrester Social Marketing Expert Jeremiah Owyang believes that the future of the social web is entering the era of social colonization. Given these insights, Jeremiah offered his perspective on the best strategies marketers have to implement to be successful. Of all the largest corporate brands, Jeremiah believes Dell is doing the best job in social media today. When asked what an average corporation spends on social media today, Jeremiah said the budget was around $100,000.

Using Social Media in Recruiting: Insights From Hollister

July 13th, 2009   •   1 comment   

Recruiting is an industry that needs more edgy marketing. Having worked with some recruiters over the years, I was curious to learn from Hollister about social media techniques they have employed. Meg Toland of Hollister and I spoke about new ideas they are using including Twitter, Facebook and other tools.

Using Social Media Tools To Launch A Book: Pam Slim Author And Blogger

July 6th, 2009   •   5 comments   

I recently met Pam Slim, a successful author and blogger on the USS Nimitz trip in late May 2009. I was so impressed with her ability to speak four languages, juggle two kids and write a successful blog and now a new book that I had to interview her. Her book Escape From Cubicle Nation is gaining momentum and is found in bookstores and on Amazon.com. Check it out. In the meantime, listen to how Pam tells me what she did to launch her new book with social media tools. She especially loves Twitter. Who doesn’t these days?