Social Media Is Like Air Says Business Marketing Expert Charlene Li

September 30th, 2009   •   1 comment   

Charlene Li, founder of Altimeter Group and formerly the key social media analyst at Forrester Research, talks to Marketing Voices about the latest trends in social media and marketing. Charlene provided these insights:

1. Social media will be like “air.” It will be everywhere and used by everyone. No one will be afraid to use the tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter—sharing information will be second nature.

2. Every employee can be a marketer. From the manufacturing floor to the executive offices of large and small companies, everyone in the company will be using social marketing tools as a way to build brand and visibility.

3. Everyone can be a marketing channel for you. What’s most important is whether these bloggers have the right audiences and have captured the minds and hearts of others.

4. People are putting the technologies (for example, Twitter and Facebook) first—not the business objective. People must first determine what they want to accomplish rather than learn how to use these technologies.

She is writing a new book that will be published early 2010 that is called Open: How Leaders Win by Letting Go. In this book, she explains how leaders in today’s businesses need to understand the need for communication transparency, letting go and not be so controlling in order to succeed.

Social Media Use By The Navy Today

September 7th, 2009   •   1 comment   

Dennis Hall, founder of Avere Group, a multimedia company and also a volunteer who coordinates the public affairs offices of the 7 military services, sat down with Marketing Voices at the Woodside Bakery and talked about the status of social media in the Navy today. With diners buzzing in the background, we talked about how the Navy is using Facebook, YouTube, and Ning to build communities for the navy recruits and others. It is helping keep thousands of people connected in this tough wartime.