Bullhorn: Reaching staffing and recruiting executives online

December 9th, 2010   •   no comments   

Art Papas, founder and CEO of Bullhorn, a global leader in online staffing and recruiting software, discusses the company’s newest offering, Bullhorn Reach. Bullhorn Reach is an online service that helps recruiting agencies harness search engines and social media to build new client and candidate relationships. It automatically promotes recruiters’ ongoing activities such as new jobs, new placements, and industry insights to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo and more—all from one source.

Keynote Branding Venture Firms: Jennifer Jones NVCA/PWC CFO event

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October 2010

Jennifer gave a keynote on the branding of a venture firm to more than a hundred CFOs of venture firms. She also moderated a discussion with James Beck, MD and COO of Mayfield Fund, and Spencer Punter, Managing Director of Capital Dynamics.

You can download a copy of the presentation in PDF format

Ernst & Young Venture Capital CFO Leadership Summit: How will you help build your firm’s future?

October 6th, 2010   •   no comments   

I am excited to be giving a luncheon presentation on marketing at the Ernst & Young CFO networking event. www.seeuthere.com/vc_cfo_conference

Here’s where you can find me on Thursday. I will be discussing why marketing matters in today’s incredibly competitive venture environment. Believe it or not, the world for venture capitalists who want to get money from their limited partners today are facing one of the most competitive worlds in decades. So marketing really matters in this economy. I will talk about strategies I have used for the last twenty years to market venture firms I work with and their portfolio companies. I will post the presentation after Thursday the 7th.

October 6, 2010 – Cocktails & Networking Dinner
October 7, 2010 – Full Day Content Session & Networking Reception
Garden Court Hotel
Palo Alto, CA

The Social Media Informer Badge

September 16th, 2010   •   6 comments   

To all Marketing Voices listeners and readers, you may have noticed the Social Media Informer badge on my site. I was asked to participate in the launch of the new site which appears to have an interesting strategy for aggregating and distributing social media content. As a supporter of their site, I find myself in the company of social media experts Tom Pick, Paul Dunay, J-P De Clerck, Tony Karrer and Chris Brogan as well as many others.

Social Media Informer seems unique in several respects. The content is organized by topics and themes so visitors can read related items, and learn about blogs and bloggers who write about what interests them, but what’s more appealing is that Social Media Informer is designed to drive people who like posts of a particular site back to that site. I suggest you check out social media informer.

Polymath: Greek For Renaissance Man: Insights From Author Vinnie Mirchandani

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A polymath is someone who excels in many disciplines. Lots of technology and biotech people are polymaths. Author Vinnie Mirchandani describes the characteristics of them and how he views their personalities. He tells me the advice he would offer to today’s teen or college student is to stay curious and aim high. Great thoughts from this successful author. A different type of interview for Marketing Voices but well worth the listen.

Virtual Agents: Making Customer Interaction on the Web More Personal and Efficient

August 17th, 2010   •   no comments   

Mark Gaydos, VP of Worldwide Marketingof VirtuOz discusses the power of virtual agents and future trends for their use in marketing. Gartner is predicting that the virtual agent market will hit $180M in 2010 and VirtuOz is a provider of the artificial intelligence technology that makes them a leader in the space.

Vocus: A New Social Media Monitoring Product

August 9th, 2010   •   6 comments   

Vocus, a public company with more than 4000 customers worldwide recently launched a new social media monitoring product. Despite the heavy competition in the marketplace, the product is doing well. I caught up with Kye Strance and discussed the new product, its target audience and how it’s selling.

Virtual Events: A Great Way to Get Sales Leads Says Unisfair

August 2nd, 2010   •   no comments   

Lead generation is the top priority for marketing executives. Virtual events are the best way to get leads according to a Unisfair marketing study. Unisfair is a virtual event and environment company and recently talked to Marketing Voices. We discussed the difference between a virtual event and a webinar and how companies are using virtual events today. Joerg Rathenberg, the Senior Director of Marketing told me that companies like Oracle and Novartis are seeing impressive sales leads from virtual events. Unisfair is backed by Sequoia Capital and other venture firms.

Customer Service Megatrends: Social Media Won’t Be A Differentiator

July 18th, 2010   •   2 comments   

Bruce Temkin, customer service expert and head of his own consulting firm, Temkin Group talks about his newest findings from his research. Formerly a Forrester Research expert, Temkin now is discussing what the current state of customers (broadly speaking) is. He looked at the megatrends affecting customer service over the next five years and has a prescription for success which he discusses. Within a few years, he believes social media won’t be a differentiator for businesses.

Brian Solis: Author of Engage: The Social Media Style Guide

July 16th, 2010   •   1 comment   

Brian Solis, social media guru tells how he qualifies a brand in the social media realm. He took a page from the world of psychology to define the voice, personality and criteria of a brand. Check out his book Engage! and learn what you need to do to establish the rules of engagement.

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Business

June 24th, 2010   •   2 comments   

I found this infographic well constructed and informative. David Steel is a speaker, author and coach in social media, and commissioned this work. Feel free to share it with your followers and friends.

Do's and Don'ts of Social Media for Business
Via: The Steel Method

Obama, Apple, Cisco and Charlene Li of Altimeter Group on Open Leadership – Part 3 of 3

June 15th, 2010   •   no comments   

Obama got elected for his open leadership style. No matter what your political leanings, people in marketing have to admire how he used social marketing and open leadership to get elected. Charlene Li Founder of Altimeter Group and her latest book called Open Leadership discusses Obama’s style of leadership, and a couple of companies’ style including Cisco, and Apple. Charlene also gives her perspective on leadership in China.

Charlene Li on Open Leadership: The Sandbox Covenant – Part 2 of 3

June 13th, 2010   •   no comments   

Charlene Li, Founder Altimeter Group, describes how important it is for leaders to have a sandbox covenant. She also describes the steps for an open environment with me. Her latest book, Open Leadership is a best seller in the first month of its release.

Charlene Li on Open Leadership: How to Win By Letting Go – Part 1 of 3

June 11th, 2010   •   1 comment   

In her new book called Open Leadership, Charlene Li Founder of Altimeter Group discusses the importance and difficulty of being open as a leader. In this first of three podcasts, we delve into what it means to be an open leader. Can open leadership be learned, and will GEN Y change the way corporations are run because they are more transparent are some of the topics we tackle.

BroadVision Launches Clearvale and Giovanni Rodriquez, the new CMO talks about the product, his role and the company’s direction

May 25th, 2010   •   no comments   

Giovanni Rodriquez recently joined public company BroadVision as their Chief Marketing Officer. Rodriquez describes how he views BroadVision’s challenge and market position, and speaks a bit about the new product, Clearvale. Rodriquez has only been in the job a couple of months, having transitioned from his role as Partner at The Conversation Group.

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