Comverse Americas Mobile Advertising: Using Sponsored Advertising To Get The Recipients More Involved

March 29th, 2010   •   no comments   

Mark Pendergast, the channel marketing director for mobile advertising at Comverse Americas explores the power of mobile advertising as an extension of brands via mobile devices. Mark explains how teens and adults send advertising which gets their friends more personally engaged in the advertising and makes them buy into the brands more emotionally.

Kudos From Renowned August Capital Venture Capitalist David Hornik

March 24th, 2010   •   no comments   

I was extremely complimented to discover a blog post about venture branding that gave me great kudos in my work with clients. Although August Capital is not currently a client of my firm, David Hornik a general partner there wrote about his impressions of what it takes to great venture branding and felt I did an excellent job.

As we all know, having others think well of your work is the best, so I am very happy to share that with my Marketing Voices listeners.

Given the 20 some years I have been doing this venture marketing work, it’s nice to know that I am impressing some of the people who most inspire me. David Hornik is certainly one of those people so I was especially thrilled to know he thinks I do great work!