The Social Media Informer Badge

September 16th, 2010   •   6 comments   

To all Marketing Voices listeners and readers, you may have noticed the Social Media Informer badge on my site. I was asked to participate in the launch of the new site which appears to have an interesting strategy for aggregating and distributing social media content. As a supporter of their site, I find myself in the company of social media experts Tom Pick, Paul Dunay, J-P De Clerck, Tony Karrer and Chris Brogan as well as many others.

Social Media Informer seems unique in several respects. The content is organized by topics and themes so visitors can read related items, and learn about blogs and bloggers who write about what interests them, but what’s more appealing is that Social Media Informer is designed to drive people who like posts of a particular site back to that site. I suggest you check out social media informer.

Polymath: Greek For Renaissance Man: Insights From Author Vinnie Mirchandani

September 2nd, 2010   •   no comments   

A polymath is someone who excels in many disciplines. Lots of technology and biotech people are polymaths. Author Vinnie Mirchandani describes the characteristics of them and how he views their personalities. He tells me the advice he would offer to today’s teen or college student is to stay curious and aim high. Great thoughts from this successful author. A different type of interview for Marketing Voices but well worth the listen.