Turbo Talks – Claremont Creek Ventures

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April 2011

Claremont Creek Ventures held its third Turbo Talks event for CEOs of the companies that they have funded. Claremont Creek hosts a couple of these events each year for their portfolio company CEOs to network with and learn from each other.


Typically they focus each event around a theme and gather for dinner at the Epic Roasthouse in San Francisco to discuss “Hiring and Building Great Startup Teams”. To kick off a conversation we posed two scenarios. One dealt with a newly funded “Series A” company which would be hiring across many functions in a competitive market. The second was a startup–several years into its business– managing issues of growth and trying to retain great performers who are often substantially vested in their equity. It’s tremendous to experience the quality of conversation and ideas that emerge when you get a talented and diverse group together. The CEOs in attendance quickly got into a discussion about what characteristics to look for in candidates, how company culture factors into hiring, and when (or even whether) to consider paying a premium for certain candidates. Everyone in the room recognized elements from his own experience and the discussion quickly took off with CEOS sharing specific examples of what they had seen work well, or sometimes not so well.

What emerged was a spirited debate and a great deal of fun. We certainly enjoyed it and hope all of the CEOs who joined us did as well. In fact, we’d love to bring everyone together even more frequently, but that’s just difficult to do when you confront the practical realities of twenty startup CEOs each with overbooked calendars. However, we recognize it is “lonely at the top”. Hopefully events like this offer a chance for these entrepreneurs to take just a brief step back from running their companies to enjoy connecting with their peers. Check out a few photos of everyone gathering before dinner.



Jennifer Jones and Guy Kawasaki Churchill Club: Enchantment Defined

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April 2011

Social Network Integration

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We connect you to you clients through the social networks they use.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin


Content Development

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We see projects through to completion, producing materials in digital media or print and always creating content that tells a compelling story for its target audience. Our content development work includes:

White papers and brochures
Sales collateral
Website development
Website content
Bylined articles
Executive presentations and videos

Marketing Programs

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Bringing a clear vision and setting measurable goals, we help our clients translate high-level business objectives into creative marketing programs that change perceptions and capture emerging opportunities. Services include:

Executive thought leadership
Customer marketing and case studies
Public relations
Partner marketing

Marketing Strategy

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Effective marketing strategy begins with a sound strategic foundation. Rainmaker helps companies identify their position of strength in the market and plan for success. Services include:

Corporate and product positioning and messaging
Marketing and communications planning
Branding and identity development
Market research

Social Marketing to the Business Customer: Eric Schwartzman’s Newest Book

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Eric Schwartzman released a new book a few months ago called Social Marketing to the Business Customer. Eric speaks to how B2B is hot now, and growing by leaps and bounds as every type of business is using social media. Law firms, mom and pop stores, consulting firms, and others are figuring out how to market using new tools. Eric tells how it’s not about making a splash with a YouTube video but how to swim a marathon. His favorite tool is slideshare and his new book discusses just how to best build a business to business social media strategy. It’s a practical guide to finding and engaging niche audiences with social media, and the first title devoted exclusively to using Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin for B2B communications.

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Social Marketing to the Business Customer is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders.