Facebook Friends Become Most Important To Marketers: 33Across’s CEO Eric Wheeler Speaks Out On Their Strategy

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33Across, a social targeting platform, has developed new technology called SocialDNA that uses social graph data to dramatically improve online marketing.. The firm’s customers are Fortune-500 brands and 33Across helps these companies understand how Facebook fans have become irrelevant to marketers today but instead marketers are targeting Facebook’s friends of friends. Eric Wheeler talks about how 33Across is implementing their strategy.

See retail brand graph (PDF)

XA CEO Rob Leathern On Building Better ROI With Advertising

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XA.net has deep expertise and legacy experience in display having managed all of Zynga’s display advertising and believes the world of display and social advertising will merge into one ecosystem. Marketing Voices interviewed Rob Leathern, CEO and Founder of XA.net and gets his insights on the world he knows well. For a free trial go to www.optim.al and see what they have to offer.