Market 360™ Perceptual Study


Jennifer Jones & Partners developed a unique survey methodology: Market 360™. It assesses the value proposition of a brand. Utilizing a strategic, systematic means of targeted interviews and analysis with a firm’s Circle of Influence™, the most influential advocates in the ecosystem of the company, Market 360™ determines an advocate’s opinions of a brand. The Market 360™ study has been utilized more than 55 times for JJ&P’s clients. The information highlights the areas of opportunity for brand differentiation and competitive advantage.


Marketing Communications Services

Corporate and product positioning and messaging

Developing unique positioning messages is important to the success of communications. JJ&P works with all clients to create differentiated messages and a solid, market-based positioning.

Marketing Relations

The proliferation of new media channels, coupled with the need for business leaders to make their firms relevant prompted JJ&P to take a deep look at how leading firms are engaging external stakeholders online and offline. JJ&P provides recommendations for companies wishing to enhance their leadership reputations and demonstrate that they can adapt to market dynamics. JJ&P develops market relations programs specifically targeted to each firm as part of the marketing and communications planning.

Marketing and communications planning

Upon completion of messaging, JJ&P uses the Market360 findings to develop a marketing / communications plan. The plan is normally based on a 12-month period of planned execution and is always tied to the firm’s business goals. The plan will delineate the programs and marketing collateral/content necessary to succeed.




Social Marketing Strategy and Tactics

There are many reasons social media can be a productive marketing channel or platform. Rather than employing it as a tactic du jour, the purpose should dictate strategy and the tactics used for reaching desired goals.

A few common outcomes for social media marketing efforts include:

    • Gain insight into a community of interest
    • Build brand visibility and authority
    • Influence and promotion of products/services
    • Link building for traffic and SEO
    • Drive traffic for ad revenue models


Content Development

JJ&P produces materials in digital media or print and always creates content that tells a compelling story for the client’s target audience. Following are just a few of the content capabilities of JJ&P:

Marketing Collateral

Thought Leadership Opinion Editorials

Blog Strategy and Creation

Executive presentations and videos