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January 23, 2013

Jennifer Jones & Partners Wins Fifth Award in Three Years for Stellar Performance as Strategic Marketing and Communications Firm for Venture Capital and Private Equity Industries  DealMakers Monthly Magazine Award Cites JJ&P is renowned for “A Consistently High Level of Ability During The Most Difficult Period of the Global Economy”


WOODSIDE, CA (January 23, 2013) –  Jennifer Jones & Partners, a marketing communications firm that provides branding, positioning and strategic counsel for venture capital, private equity and corporate venture capital groups, is a recipient of the DealMakers Country Awards 2013, marking its fourth award in three years from DealMakers Monthly magazine and its fifth award overall in the same time-frame.


The DealMakers Country Awards 2013 provides the magazine’s global readership with a comprehensive guide to diversified professional firms that thousands of fellow readers have cited for a consistently high level of ability. For this award, Jennifer Jones & Partners was named as the Best Communications Firm for the venture capital and private equity industries in North America. The magazine, based in Essex, England, said Jennifer Jones & Partners and other award recipients “have performed to exceptional levels during the most difficult period that the global economy has experienced for decades.” In 2011, DealMakers Monthly also named Jennifer Jones & Partners a global leading firm as well as the best communications firm in venture capital and private equity in North America in both 2011 and 2012. In winning these awards, the magazine said that Jennifer Jones & Partners has continually displayed a huge degree of quality, tenacity and strategic ability in venture capital, private equity and related fields.


In addition, the firm was also recognized as a top-tier communications firm in the venture capital and related spaces in November 2012 by  M&A International, which named Jennifer Jones & Partners a Global 2013  Winner. This award cited the firm’s excellence on a global scale.


About Jennifer Jones & Partners (JJ&P)


JJ&P  is a premier marketing advisory and marketing relations firm providing positioning, branding and strategic implementation to the nation’s venture capital, private equity firms and corporate venture groups. JJ&P’s current and legacy clients include MerckGHI, Menlo Ventures, Goldman Sachs, Dell Ventures, Mayfield Fund and PSILOS.

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