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The world of venture capital is the most competitive it’s been in decades. There are lots of impressive entrepreneurs seeking venture capital and many VCs with the capital to invest who are trying to ferret out these entrepreneurs. Limited partners are looking for the VC firms with the best returns and the deepest networks where they want to invest their capital.   Every VC firm is striving to show it’s the best. Firms need to promote their differentiation and market aggressively; otherwise they won’t be “in the game.”

That’s why MARKETING MATTERS today more than ever.  

Marketing means creating a differentiated brand, enhancing this position over time by leveraging marketing tools to ultimately build a brand in the market.

Jennifer Jones & Partners has been marketing venture firms and solving their strategic challenges since 1989. JJ&P is renowned for the “invention” of venture capital marketing. Many of the marketing practices used today by premier venture firms were innovations of JJ&P’s.

jj&p marketing strategies

Whether it’s providing strategic marketing counsel or executing on market relations tactics, it’s all about doing excellent work for venture firms and corporate venture firms in technology and healthcare. JJ&P has had the privilege to work with nearly 30 venture capital firms based in the U.S. or in China during the last three decades.

Exits, culture, partners’ expertise, portfolio services, and ecosystem relationships are all important elements when trying to market a venture firm. Ultimately it IS all about exits that truly separate a successful firm from an unsuccessful one. But getting to a solid, unique brand position and connecting with key audiences while the firm is on the journey to successful exits is where JJ&P adds enormous value.

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