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Jennifer Jones invented venture marketing in 1989 when she launched JJ&P and began working with Mayfield Fund. Since that time, JJ&P has worked with more than 30 venture firms in the U.S. and China.

JJ&P VC brand strategy development and market execution involves four main elements:


Perception is reality for venture capital firms. What a firm’s main influencers think matters. They are key to a firm’s success. A VC firm has to understand its own SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). The Market 360™ gets to the heart of the firm’s position and its influencers. More than 55 VCs and LPs have used this strategy for their brand understanding since 1989.


Without targeted messaging and unique positioning, a firm won’t stand out. It has to be different. After lots of brainstorming between JJ&P and the venture firm, magic happens. It’s the next step after the Market 360™ is completed. Neither party can do it in a vacuum.


Gaining market share for a venture brand is a process, not an event. The best firms develop strategic plans and iterate them. The plans are both tactical and strategic –tied to the firm’s business goals and budget. Marketing is an art, not a science, and JJ&P works with her clients to build a plan that will get results.


Social media marketing is a must for every venture firm.

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