Menlo Ventures: A broad rebranding and market relations initiative by JJ&P

For 37 years, Menlo Ventures was a firm that shied away from the spotlight, preferring instead to let its track record quietly speak for itself. When it was time to develop and share a strategic marketing program, highlight its significant successes, and promote the firm’s thought leadership in consumer and the enterprise as well as reveal what makes the Sand Hill Road firm a unique and valuable partner to young companies, Menlo turned to Jennifer Jones & Partners.

Initially, JJ&P conducted a Market 360 study and unearthed several areas of opportunity for Menlo to differentiate its brand and create a competitive advantage. JJ&P also updated Menlo Ventures’ image by helping to rework the focus and look of its website. More importantly, JJ&P worked to position Menlo Ventures as doing “Venture Right” with partners who are knowledgeable, market-smart and hard-working board members. Menlo is now viewed as one of the nation’s top ten venture firms by entrepreneurs and limited partners. 

2995 Woodside Road
Woodside, CA 94062

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