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The world of venture capital is the most competitive it’s been in decades. There are lots of impressive entrepreneurs seeking venture capital and many VCs with the capital to invest who are trying to ferret out these entrepreneurs. Limited partners are looking for the VC firms with the best returns and the deepest networks where they want to invest their capital.   Every VC firm is striving to show it’s the best. Firms need to promote their differentiation and market aggressively; otherwise they won’t be “in the game.”

That’s why MARKETING MATTERS today more than ever.


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JJ&P Services

Jennifer Jones invented venture marketing in 1989 when she launched JJ&P and began working with Mayfield Fund. Before that, no venture firm had tried to brand and strategically market itself. Today, every smart venture firm is thinking about marketing. But most don’t know how to create a unique position, develop a strategic plan and execute it. That’s where JJ&P gets involved.

JJ&P VC brand strategy development and market execution involves four main elements:



  • Psilos Podcast Creation and Annual Healthcare Outlook

    Psilos has been disrupting healthcare with innovative portfolio company venture investing since 1998. Psilos’s Managing Partner and CEO, Steve Krupa is a well respected thought leader in digital healthcare. But the world of healthcare venture capital executives is crowded. To promote Steve Krupa’s thoughtful perspectives about the industry, JJ&P approached digital health content and conference…Read more

  • Menlo Ventures: A broad rebranding and market relations initiative by JJ&P

    For 37 years, Menlo Ventures was a firm that shied away from the spotlight, preferring instead to let its track record quietly speak for itself. When it was time to develop and share a strategic marketing program, highlight its significant successes, and promote the firm’s thought leadership in consumer and the enterprise as well as reveal…Read more

  • Creation of the Phoenix CEO Medical Device Forum for Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

    JJ&P created a brand new annual event for WSGR that targeted the CEO audience in the medical device industry. It allowed WSGR to become a thought leader in that market. JJ&P also recommended offering it to the client’s strategic business partners for co-sponsoring opportunities. JJ&P advised that the event’s agenda must focus on top challenges…Read more

  • BA Venture Partners: Rebranding to Scale Venture Partners

    Bank of America Venture Partners (BAVP) approached JJ&P about the need to rebrand itself.  JJ&P conducted a Market 360™ study for BAVP and discovered its true differentiation–the firm’s unique ability to work closely with  portfolio companies to make them more successful and to scale their businesses.   JJ&P recommended BAVP change its name to Scale…Read more

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